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Big Sugar FAQs

Find additional answers to all your questions regarding the race and race weekend experience.


  • Athlete can defer into the following year’s event and repay 100% of entry fee at time of registration. No deferral fee
  • No refunds, no transfers, no exceptions.


Athlete Option 1 Refund Option

  • 90+ days out – 70% refund
  • 60-89 days out – 50% refund
  • 30-59 days out – 40% refund

Athlete Option 2 Deferral

  • Complimentary, guaranteed entry into the following year’s event.
  • No transfers! No refunds on service fees or donations


Questions about this procedure can be submitted to:

Big Sugar is a solo, non-stop, 100-mile cycling endurance challenge on the gravel and dirt roads of Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

It’s gravel riding, baby! The race course is predominately gravel roads and trails, with some dirt throughout and pavement at the start and finish line.

The event is held every year at the end of October in Bentonville, AR. It’s the same weekend as Outerbike Bentonville, a partnership that allows us to celebrate cycling all weekend long. The event begins and ends in downtown Bentonville and traverses the gravel roads of Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri.

We suggest a gravel-specific bike (Allied Able), Cross Bike, 29’er Hardtail w/ Suspension Fork, 29’er Hardtail w/ Rigid Fork, or a Fatbike, but a full-suspension mountain bike is an option for more experienced cyclists. You don’t need the added weight and complexity for this event.

Any seasoned, well-trained endurance cyclist. This event is NOT for an entry-level endurance bicyclist. The region is remote, rugged, and contains a lot of elevation gain. Riders will need to be capable of navigating by map (or cue sheets) and feel comfortable following a GPS device. For less experienced riders, we recommend our 50-mile Lil Sugar event.

Course maps and cue sheets will be provided via electronic file prior to the event.  Each rider should print his/her own maps and cues. In addition, we may have a limited number of course markings. However, riders should use the maps and cues provided as their primary means of navigation.

Yes. In fact, we will provide riders with a link to a downloadable file.

It is encouraged that each participant in the Big Sugar 100-mile distance, have present at the event at least one support crew person. Due to the rural roads and challenging terrain of the course, support crews will NOT be allowed out on course to pick up riders who need to abandon. The event will provide sweep vehicles that will pick up abandoning riders. Due to limited space, support crews are ONLY allowed at the Pineville aid station. While the event will provide neutral aid to all riders, a support crew member can provide a rider additional support not provided by the event.

Checkpoint locations will be clearly communicated well in advance of the event and riders may receive assistance from their personal support crews at official checkpoints only. Receiving outside support at any point other than official checkpoints will result in immediate disqualification, but riders may assist other riders by any means and at any time.

Support crews are not allowed on course except to pick up a rider who is departing the event. This race is all about self-sufficiency in a remote area, and gaving to dodge cars compromises this experience for our participants. If a support crew is found to be on course (except at official checkpoints), that rider will be immediately disqualified from the event.

Any tire that will roll fast and provide adequate puncture/pinch-flat resistance. We recommend new tires and nothing narrower than 38c. If you show up with worn-out old tires, you better bring lots of tubes, CO2 cartridges and hiking shoes.

Yes. In addition to the 100-mile feature event, we will also offer the 50-mile Little Sugar distance. All event distances begin in downtown Bentonville, AR with the Little Sugar designed specifically for recreational cyclists.

Note: Participation in all Big Sugar event distances is by pre-registration only.   

Participation in all Big Sugar distances is by pre-registration only. For more information on registration, please click HERE

Yes.  Bentonville offers families many things to do and explore during the event. To learn more, Go to Visit Bentonville at

Yes, we have an Instagram and Facebook page! Follow along for all the gravel stoke and updates. and

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